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Dental Implants vs Dental Bridge

A dental implant replaces this structure with a metal post, typically one made of titanium. Over the period of a couple of months, new bone should grow around the implanted metal. Once the new structure is tested by your dentist and declared secure enough, a crown will then be screwed on top of the implant and sealed into place.

A dental bridge attaches to the remaining healthy teeth surrounding a gap to create a bridge across the area in a recipient’s smile. In more traditional versions of the procedure, the two teeth on opposite sides of a gap are shaved down to accommodate a bridge.

Θεραπεία υπό μέθη / γενική αναισθησία.pn

Οδοντιατρικές θεραπείες υπό μέθη / γενική αναισθησία


Εξειδικευμένη εμπειρία

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Οι ασθενείς μας εμπιστεύονται

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