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Dental Implant Procedure
Τοποθέτησης Οδοντικών Εμφυτευμάτων.jpg

1st step of placing dental implants

A few days before the operation, the dentist will prescribe antibiotics, which will reduce the risk of infection and complications after the operation.


The dentist in Konstantinidis Dental Care will choose the most appropriate treatment with dental implants.

During surgery:


  • Initially, anesthesia is administered: local, and general anesthesia .

  • The dentist makes a small incision with the Implant Center piezoelectric incision system , which offers tissue relaxation for a clean incision and precision, and sets aside the gums to expose the jaw bone.

  • The implant is 'screwed' into the bone.

  • A temporary protective cover is placed on top of the implant.

  • The gums are put back in place covering the implant and joined with sutures.

  • The first phase of implantation is completed by removing the sutures after 7 to 14 days.

  • In case of bone loss there is the possibility of regenerating the area using PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma).

2nd step of dental implants


When the dentist determines that the tooth implant is firmly embedded in the jaw, the next phase of treatment can begin (approximately 3-6 months) .

  • Local anesthesia is administered.

  • An incision is made in the gums to reveal the tip of the implant.

  • The temporary cover is removed and replaced by the 'stump', ie the base on which the dental restoration will be adjusted.

  • The gums fit around the stump and are fixed with sutures.

  • After a few days, a tooth imprint is taken to make the dental restoration.

  • A temporary rim can be attached to the stump until the permanent one is ready

Τοποθέτησης Οδοντικών Εμφυτευμάτων.jpg
Τοποθέτησης Οδοντικών Εμφυτευμάτων.jpg

3rd step of dental implants


The temporary crown is usually kept for a few weeks, until the gums have completely healed and taken their final position around the implant. During this time, the dental laboratory has prepared the final crown that will rest on the implant. It is made to match the size, shape and color of other natural teeth. When finally the permanent crown fixed firmly on the implant, the new artificial tooth shows and works like a natural tooth.

The dental clinic is located at Themidos 1, Varkiza 16672 Vari, Attica (Vari-Voula-Vouliagmeni).



Mounting accuracy with piezoelectric cutting system

Θεραπεία υπό μέθη / γενική αναισθησία.pn

Dental treatments with general anesthesia

PRP (platelet rich plasma).png

Bone Regeneration with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

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of dental implants


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Dental Implant Procedure

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