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Μέθοδος PRP (platelet rich plasma) στην

PRP (platelet rich plasma) method in Dentistry

Platelet Rich Plasma - Platelet Rich in Platelet


PRP is a method in which a fibrous thrombus is produced , which contains mostly platelets and white blood cells.


This thrombus (Fibrous Platelet Rich) releases growth factors or cytokines (VEGF, PDGF, TGF, Beta, thrombospondin) into the surgical field to accelerate the healing of soft tissues and bone in a wide range of surgical applications.


PRP comes from autologous blood (the patient's own blood), theoretically and practically there is no risk of disease transmission, allergies and other autoimmune reactions.

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The restoration of the teeth is done by placing the implants, in case of bone loss there is the possibility of regeneration of the area using PRP.


The PRP method has excellent results and better healing.

When PRP is used in Dentistry:



  • during dental implant procedure;

  • during removing wisdom teeth and cysts;

  • bone regeneration (Bone Transplantation, Sinus Lift);

  • treatment of periodontitis.


In our clinic we use a modern Choukroun PRF Duo Quattro System blood centrifuge .

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